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hey, change-maker. YOU’VE GOT plans for greatness, but something’s holding you back.

We’ve all had mentors in our life: teachers, coaches, friends, parents… People to help point the way when life gets hard or confusing. That same kind of guidance is just as crucial when it comes to your career. The goal of the Bloom Mentorship Initiative is to provide much-needed support for female entrepreneurs like you at various stages of creating and growing their businesses. From branding and marketing, to understanding business basics, this program is designed to help with you with whatever you need most. Here’s how it works:


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Mentees will be matched with their perfect mentor.


Mentors & mentees sync up 2x a month for support.


Grow professionally and watch your business bloom.


Want to know more about the program or meet our mentors from Session I? Take a look below if you have a specific question or reach out.

Who can apply to this program?


The mentorship program is open to women who are serious about creating or growing their own business. Whether you have already started your business or are still in the planning stage, all women are welcome to apply. The ideal mentee is open to receiving feedback and is committed to working with their mentor towards specific objectives.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, you must be a female entrepreneur with at least 3 years of professional experience in your field and willing to provide helpful, objective advice to your mentee.

How long does this program last?

Session I began in January 2019 and ended in March 2019. There are currently no active sessions. Session II is now accepting applications until December 31, 2019 and will run from January – March 2020.

Is the program open to non-US participants?

Due to the complexity of scheduling across different timezones and the availability of our mentors, this program is currently only open to US and Canada-based participants. Matches will be made between individuals within a 3 hour +/- time zone range. If you apply and are accepted into the program but there is no suitable match for you, you will be put on a waitlist until a match becomes available.

Does this program cost?

At this time, the Bloom Mentorship Initiative is a completely volunteer-based program. There is no cost for mentees to participate and neither is their compensation for mentors.

What is required of participants?


Each mentor should plan to commit 2 45-minute virtual sessions per month with their matched mentee, Jan-March 2019 (6 sessions in total). You are responsible for connecting with your mentee and providing guidance, advice, and feedback. You will be required to complete a survey at the end of the program to gauge effectiveness and to provide feedback for improvement.


Mentees must commit to meeting with their mentors virtually twice a month along with considering any actionable advice given by their mentors to help grow their business. You will be required to complete a survey at the end of the beta program to gauge effectiveness and to rate your mentor.

Who is running this program?

With a passion for entrepreneurship and business, the Bloom Mentorship Initiative was created by Kristin Pruis, MBA, BFA. Kristin also owns K Design Co., a web and branding agency for female entrepreneurs.


Accepting applications for Session II (Jan-March 2020) until December 31, 2019. Apply today!

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If selected to participate, I give consent to have my name and email shared with my matched mentor/mentee. *Note - You MUST give consent to participate.

If selected to participate, I commit to showing up, putting in the work and making the most of this program and the advice of my mentor.

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